Friday Distractions

We went to Petersham Nurseries in Richmond last Sunday – the sun was out, it’s generally not, so one must take the opportunity to get out in it when it’s available!  It was glorious, I forgot my camera, again, so once again, the images are my instagram snaps.  A terrible habit I am getting myself into.

Some enjoyable things:

Cycle of Fear  - anxiety and cycling.

A summer reading list on verhext.  I love these kinds of lists.  There is a great little bit in Italo Calvino’s if on a winter’s night a traveller that I love and identify with: “The moment that counts most for me is the one that preceeds the reading. At times a title is enough to kindle in me the desire for a book that perhaps does not exist. At times it is the incipit of the book, the first sentences… In other words: if you need little to set the imagination going, I require even less: the promise of reading is enough.”

Sarah Burwash’s Modern Mythology on Beautiful Decay.  Love these illustrations, a little reminiscent of Marcel Dzama.

Good advertising for Catmint

A really sweet free printable from Oh Happy Day, a book baby shower invite.

Glass Houses on sfgirlbybay (dreaming of proper summer, I think!).

Petersham Nurseries is really quite special, even though these photos are quite lacking!  Here are some bloggers who have captured it beautifully: Miss Immy’s London, Flowerona, Found and Sewn.

The other thing I like to do in Richmond is to walk up Richmond Hill, buy a pint fron the Roebuck pub and sit on one of the benches overlooking Terrace Field and the river.  Lovely.

Happy weekends to all!

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